Disco Dayz

The chance to party to 80’s and 90’s hits and still be home for Saturday night TV! Dance, drink and eat to the soundtrack of your youth!

15:00pm to 20:00pm

Tickets £13.70

After asking the great people of Dunbar if they would be interested in an 80’s/90’s themed club that would take place during the day I was amazed at the massive response! Wheels are now in motion… Disco Dayz Launches at The Harbour Chapel in Dunbar on 27th July.

  • Go for a ‘night out’ but be home for Saturday night TV
  • A stunning venue
  • A well stocked bar
  • An unbelievable soundtrack from the 80’s and 90’s
  • Food on offer
  • Help to bring the local community together
  • Do something great by giving to Dunbar Lifeboats via collections at the venue

You will also be supporting this new venture and, if successful, more events can happen in the future. Dress as if you’re going on a night out!

Strictly Over 21s only Strictly limited numbers of tickets available.

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